Overlooking the City from across Lake Lugano, CI Investments Management Company directs the wealth of a single-family office organization.  With roots from the fine Vineyards of Italy, and with related wealth emanating from commensurate prior real estate holdings, the Family has allocated up to one billion Euros of their assets to be exclusively directed by the Family Office entity.

Under the current enterprise structure, the family office has expanded to include portfolio participation by key management individuals comprised of Family and non-Family members.  The advent of an incentive structure for active management has now created a more permanent team atmosphere for longer horizon opportunities for wealth appreciation and accumulation.

As opposed to other family offices focused on wealth preservation by only using traditional metrics, CI has created the foundation for concomitantly preserving assets while generating active and passive returns from targeted investments.  To date, this model has proven to be less volatile by comparison to beta instruments while generating substantial returns on capital invested.  At this time, the office mandate does not permit allocations of capital to outside or third party money managers.




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