It is important that each Family Office assess its own goals, needs and support functions required.  The management of wealth is but one aspect of a family office.  In particular, CI Investments caters to many of its family business needs including a unified but professional face that also provides security to family members by not requiring intricate disclosure of their personal financial matters.  In many respects, the potential threat for physical safety is real and one to be considered by all high profile family members, particularly those with recognized names.

In addition to a method of wealth preservation, CI Investments is heavily focused on wealth accumulation much like any successful company would require from its business endeavors.  It attempts to do so in a socially responsible way while using a capitalistic approach to investment deployment.  What’s more, CI Investments also provides business management for shared family assets and recreational amenities that it retains.  This, combined with travel support and financial obligation dissemination for recurring service bills are also core to the responsibilities of the office.

CI Investments has created a management hierarchy that also addresses charitable concerns and estate planning on all levels for the family members that it serves.  The scope of many family offices does not easily lend itself to such activities because they were originally not structured to do so.  Just like CI Investments has morphed into a multifaceted organization, any other family office can restructure its organization to cater to what is important to them.


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